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The critical voter’s dilemma

Further to my recent post on the forthcoming elections, here is my algorithm (flow chart, decision tool) to help red-green voters make their decision at the UK General Election this May. click here for the pdf version of the voting … Continue reading

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Democracy, planning and a socialist health service.

Further to my piece on Manchester’s “Health Devolution”, I thought it worth returning to something I wrote over 4 years ago, in rather different times.  The question that I didn’t try to answer in last week’s piece was “what’s the … Continue reading

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On compromise

Years ago it occurred to me that some compromises can take you to new places while others confirm the status-quo.  This table comes from a book now out of print on a relatively specialist topic (1).  But maybe it is … Continue reading

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What do we already know about Integrating Health and Social Care?

The Socialist Health Association has just published this piece on their blog.  It is a response to recent discussions on the integration of health and social care based on my long term experience of developing and managing such integration. Read … Continue reading

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Hubble, bubble, double struggle: the coming elections.

Hubble, bubble, double struggle: the coming elections. I’ve been meaning to write something on the elections for a while. But this is not so much about the elections as about the approaches on offer. Which elections anyway? My main focus … Continue reading

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Liberation and living well

This week I’ve been busy in two distinct areas of “scholarly activism”.  At first sight they might seem very disparate, but I think they are part of the same overall project. On Monday, the Steady State Manchester collective, of which … Continue reading

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Convivial Social Policy?

updated 21 November, 2014 As part of the Steady State Manchester project, I’ve been trying to do some work on the implications of a post-growth society and economy for social policy.  This is a real cross-over question for me having … Continue reading

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Brazil 2014, and it’s not about football!

Fortaleza, August / September 2014 We have come to Fortaleza, Ceará, North East Brazil for a conference, holiday and study tour. I was here just over two years ago on my post-retirement tour of Latin America, and found the type … Continue reading

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The news media and risings against elected governments.

updated 23/02/14 with more links to detailed coverage;  and 24/02/14 extra links at the end. The dominant news media in the UK are very selective in what they report. Latin American visitors often remark that their region hardly seems to … Continue reading

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