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What is most important? Reflections on support arrangements for people who are intellectually disabled.

Today, 26th November, 2014, something unusual has happened.  The national news of the day includes quite a lot of coverage of the abject failure of the health and social care system, and the government, to do what it was supposed … Continue reading

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The malign turn: organisational manners under austerity.

I’ve been meaning to write something on this for some months. The observation I wanted to share is about practices in organisations under the current austerity regime. Observations supporting it come from a variety of organisations, mostly public sector, or … Continue reading

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The flowers outside the Chilean embassy in London today.  Each one represents one of those murdered by the fascist junta installed 40 years ago today. Very moving was the reading of the names of every one of the disappeared and … Continue reading

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Turkey: police violence in the AKP’s ‘democracy’

received today from comrades in Turkey:- This is our call to the whole world 11 June 2013Police violence that began at Taksim Gezi Park on the morning of the 14th day continues as of midnight. After the failure of the … Continue reading

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Re-framing the mess we’re in: ideology-action-structures and coloniality.

Re-framing the mess we’re in:  ideology-action-structures and coloniality. This is a working paper in which I explore some ideas I’ve been working with.  It takes a long and comprehensive view of where we are, how we got here, and what … Continue reading

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