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Culture, information and a resilient community?

Notes from a short provocation for a workshop on Informational Inequalities at the University of Manchester Policy Week day conference on Education Policy and Educational Inequalities. I was asked to contribute one of five brief scene-setting interventions, mine being to … Continue reading

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I’ve been otherwise engaged.

Some recent posts elsewhere. First the initiative I began among community psychologists on the assault on the people of Gaza: Statement of support and solidarity with the people of Gaza 19 July, 2014   The next 5 together form a … Continue reading

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A Green Deal for the Manchester-Mersey Bioregion

I’ve been looking again at this paper that I produced in pamphlet form in 2009; that’s 5 years ago.  A lot has changed since then, so it is really heartening that this amalgam of ideas and proposals, with roots in … Continue reading

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Where will the money come from? Endogenous economic development for the viable economy.

This is my new piece on the Steady State Manchester site. It is an important question not just for ecological economics but also for the struggle against neoliberalism. http://steadystatemanchester.net/2014/05/12/where-will-the-money-come-from-endogenous-economic-development-for-the-viable-economy/

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Steady State Manchester delivers

Since the early summer I’ve been working on something rather challenging, a report on what a Steady State Economy would look like in Manchester and its region.  We’ve known since 1972 that there are finite limits to growth.  The scenarios, … Continue reading

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