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Things I’ve written lately, mostly elsewhere.

I’m rather aware that I’ve been neglecting this blog lately.  It’s not because I’ve been inactive, the opposite, in fact.  So here is a list of the most important things I’ve written over the last year and a bit. “Properly” … Continue reading

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What’s gone wrong in Venezuela?

What’s gone wrong in Venezuela? Mark H Burton1 pdf version [Update, 3 Feb, 2019: Some additional recent English language sources appear at the end – not in the pdf version yet.] This piece is intended as a guide to what’s … Continue reading

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Democracy, planning and a socialist health service.

Further to my piece on Manchester’s “Health Devolution”, I thought it worth returning to something I wrote over 4 years ago, in rather different times.  The question that I didn’t try to answer in last week’s piece was “what’s the … Continue reading

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Hubble, bubble, double struggle: the coming elections.

Hubble, bubble, double struggle: the coming elections. I’ve been meaning to write something on the elections for a while. But this is not so much about the elections as about the approaches on offer. Which elections anyway? My main focus … Continue reading

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CIA torture report: torture is but one aspect of this war.

The appearance of the US Senate report on torture practices by the CIA in the US “War on Terror” has confirmed the scale of torture by this agency of the USA State. I’m pleased to have been an early voice … Continue reading

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Liberation and living well

This week I’ve been busy in two distinct areas of “scholarly activism”.  At first sight they might seem very disparate, but I think they are part of the same overall project. On Monday, the Steady State Manchester collective, of which … Continue reading

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Brazil 2014, and it’s not about football!

Fortaleza, August / September 2014 We have come to Fortaleza, Ceará, North East Brazil for a conference, holiday and study tour. I was here just over two years ago on my post-retirement tour of Latin America, and found the type … Continue reading

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The news media and risings against elected governments.

updated 23/02/14 with more links to detailed coverage;  and 24/02/14 extra links at the end. The dominant news media in the UK are very selective in what they report. Latin American visitors often remark that their region hardly seems to … Continue reading

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The flowers outside the Chilean embassy in London today.  Each one represents one of those murdered by the fascist junta installed 40 years ago today. Very moving was the reading of the names of every one of the disappeared and … Continue reading

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Shropshire, more films and the Mid-Staffs Scandal

Yes, this post will go all over the place, like I did this week….. A short midweek break at Bishop’s Castle, a quaint but real town in Shropshire.  The Border country where Saxon and Welsh place names mix (along with … Continue reading

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