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Italy by train

By train to Milan and Como, via France and Switzerland. Another European journey by train: this time to Milan, going via Zurich, Chur and the Bernina Express and returning via Lausanne and Dijon. Full cost and carbon analysis below. (more … Continue reading

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Oslo, by rail and boat, in January

We made another trip to add to those in the previous post. Carolyn was invited to examine a PhD in Oslo and not having been there, I went along too, as tour organiser. This was similar to the Gothenburg and … Continue reading

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Train travel in Europe and the UK

We’ve covered a lot of miles by train this year, both in the UK and on the continent.  Here are some brief  notes about it. We did several long journeys: the bare facts first and then some reflections. Manchester to … Continue reading

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Malmö: re-imagining the city

Our cities have grown up as the result of a number of factors. Manchester, with its origins in the Roman period, was a relatively small centre until particular geographical, historical, social and economic factors coincided to make it the world’s … Continue reading

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Malmö: The Journey

I will write about Malmö and Skåne in a later post, or maybe two.  This one is about going to Malmö from Manchester, and back, by train. Carolyn had an invitation to do a keynote at the Community, Work and … Continue reading

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Brazil 2014, and it’s not about football!

Fortaleza, August / September 2014 We have come to Fortaleza, Ceará, North East Brazil for a conference, holiday and study tour. I was here just over two years ago on my post-retirement tour of Latin America, and found the type … Continue reading

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A vegetarian horror story

This won’t mean anything to carnivores, and vegetarians shouldn’t read it.  So read on! I’m not a very good vegetarian.  I don’t like meat, and I’m also an eco-activist of sorts – both good enough reasons to not eat meat … Continue reading

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After our trip to Italy was interrupted by family illness and a death we had the dilemma of trying to recoup most of the ticket and accommodation costs via insurance (most rail tickets were non-refundable and not changeable) or resuming … Continue reading

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Pendolinos and Frecciarossas: some rail experiences at home and continental Europe.

After a journey on Mr Branson’s smelly Pendolino to London we split up – Carolyn to visit her ailing father in Kent and me to visit Anna and Adela in London. A couple of afternoons spent playing witches, making biscuits … Continue reading

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