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Note from a warming planet

In Manchester today, it is mild and sunny, like late September.  Temperatures are unprecedentedly high in the UK and have been for days. I picked runner beans (painted lady) yesterday and achoacha (a frost tender cucumber relative) today.  The beans … Continue reading

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Notes for the New Year from Plague Island

Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, by Viktor Vasnetsov. Painted in 1887. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons. Today, in the UK we live on a plague island (with some of the highest rates of Covid infections and deaths, globally), politically isolated from … Continue reading

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Mismanagement or corruption? (Not the ) NHS Test and Trace

The UK government has spent £37,000,000,000, that’s 37 Billion Pounds, on what they call NHS Test and Trace. This is not provided by the National Health Service but by private companies under contract. It only covers England. Until April this … Continue reading

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More “Development” in Manchester: Hough End Fields

During the pandemic lock-down one of the places we rediscovered for local walks is the large area of Hough End Fields. Curiously, this was the site of Manchester’s first airport. It is a wide open space with playing fields for … Continue reading

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Leaving Labour, again

I’ve just left the Labour Party, again.  I wasn’t at all active but did pay my sub, contribute to policy fora, and did some foot slogging and door knocking in the 2017 and 2019 general elections. I originally left in … Continue reading

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Things I’ve written lately, mostly elsewhere.

I’m rather aware that I’ve been neglecting this blog lately.  It’s not because I’ve been inactive, the opposite, in fact.  So here is a list of the most important things I’ve written over the last year and a bit. “Properly” … Continue reading

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Inequality juxtaposition: you couldn’t make it up!

An interesting post on New Statesman website presents the latest data on international ‘Spirit Level’ comparisons – Ukania in a dire position as before.  But just look at the advert that appears on the page!  I don’t think NS vets … Continue reading

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