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Today’s salad

We have a small garden and grow fruit a few vegetables and a variety of salad crops.  Most days we can pick a salad (sparsely in December and January) and this is always a combination of cultivated and volunteer crops, … Continue reading

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The Green Man

The Green Man, and also sometimes the Green Woman, is a persistent figure in European folklore, although similar figures appear in other regions too. The Green Man, typically a face, surrounded by, or even sprouting, leaves, was a traditional carving … Continue reading

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Theses on the 2019 General Election

Here is my attempt to cast some light on the General Election defeat.  I’ve written it as a set of “theses” to try and make the fairly complex argument concise.  I haven’t covered everything and some of this has already … Continue reading

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The new municipalists defeated in several Spanish cities.

Updated re Barcelona, Sept 2019. Here is a summary of the major results for the “Cities of Change” (or Fearless Cities / Ciudades sin Miedo), where the insurgent, new municipalist, left gained power, in 2014. Most of these innovative coalitions … Continue reading

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What’s gone wrong in Venezuela?

What’s gone wrong in Venezuela? Mark H Burton1 pdf version [Update, 3 Feb, 2019: Some additional recent English language sources appear at the end – not in the pdf version yet.] This piece is intended as a guide to what’s … Continue reading

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Degrowth, divestment, politics

Updated: 7 September, 2018 In addition to the Left Foot Forward piece below, I’ve published seveal other related pieces: Practical degrowth for Labour (fuller version).  Published as The Case For Degrowth? (not my question mark!) on the SERA blog. 2) Divesting … Continue reading

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Could Labour implement a post-growth economy?

Here is the full version of the article published, in rather truncated form today, on Left Foot Forward. I will be posting a fully referenced extended version in the near future. pdf version of the full text Could Labour implement … Continue reading

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After peak capitalism: the livelihood challenge – revised version

Here is the revised version of my working paper, “After peak capitalism: the livelihood challenge“.  I’m grateful to those who have offered encouragement and constructively critical comments.  This new version, Has numerous improvements to the text and further references to … Continue reading

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Brief notes on Catalonia

Having friends in Barcelona and liking the city and region, as well as Spain in general, the situation in Catalonia causes me a lot of concern.  A lot of the commentary here oversimplifies the situation with some on the left, … Continue reading

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After peak capitalism: the livelihood challenge.

Note: there is now a revised version.  See this later post. This is my new working paper. It attempts to deal with the question of peak capitalism and ecological crisis on two levels – the post-industrial wastelands of the core … Continue reading

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