About me and this blog

This is Mark Burton’s personal blog.  I do blog (that’s a verb, I’m told) elsewhere – see the list that follows, so this will be for stuff that doesn’t neatly fit in those places, and stuff that is more tentative too.

And the title: uncommontater.  It might be obvious to native speakers of English (at least the UK dialects) but maybe not to everyone.  A tater is a potato (Irish I think – in Scotland taties) – the headline photo is of potatoes in a market in La Paz, Bolivia, near the species centre of evolution of the potato – hence the diversity – the uncommontaters.  But a commentator is someone who produces comment – and I hope my opinions, reflections, observations etc. are indeed uncommon, in the sense of original, surprising, innovative and challenging to the status quo.

My other sites:-
http://steadystatemanchester.net – The Steady State Manchester site. Run by a collective so it’s not all by me. Read here the report for which I was lead author, published on 13 Nov 2012 In Place of Growth: Practical steps for a Manchester where people thrive without harming the planet”.  Later pieces include The Viable Economy (2014), now supeseded by The Viable Economy … and Society (2020) and Policies for the City Region (2017).
http://mmu.academia.edu/MarkBurton – My academia profile with links to most of my scholarly and not so very scholarly publications.  The page is a little chaotic, being a pain to re-organise and sort, but there is a bibliography (not quite up to date) posted there too.
https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Mark_Burton6 A bit like Academia, it’s another commercial academic profile and publications repository. It does have some clustering of recent work under “projects”.
http://libpsy.org – Site of the Liberation Psychology, English Language Network that I established in 2011.
http://www.compsy.org.uk – Community psychology from Manchester. This is still the only UK community psychology site – it is unofficial and the published material is mostly  by Carolyn Kagan and myself. It was set up in the late 1990s, hence the ‘artisan feel’ of the site itself!  There isn’t much new there, but we might do a little revamp.
http://greendealmanchester.wordpress.com This was my return to the ecological agenda in 2008. It is primarily a vehicle for an attempt to set out policy proposals at a regional level that address the ecological, energy and economic challenges that came together then. It combines a number of perspectives, including bioregional thinking and ecosocialism. It is rather superseded by Steady State Manchester, but remains a useful archive.
http://otrocontinente.wordpress.com – Set up for my post retirement adventure in Latin America (my daughters call it my ‘gap year’).   Perhaps it has some value as a snapshot of a continent in 2012 with many contradictory processes going on, both hopeful and less so.

I’ve joined Mastodon as part of the Twitter migration find me at https://@mark.burton@mstdn.social

https://twitter.com/MarkHBurton – Yes I’m afraid that for now there’s a twitter feed too.

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