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The red snail from degrowth

Updated: 7 September, 2018

In addition to the Left Foot Forward piece below, I’ve published seveal other related pieces:

  1. Practical degrowth for Labour (fuller version).  Published as The Case For Degrowth?

(not my question mark!) on the SERA blog.

2) Divesting from Fossil Fuels: a public health action, published on the Socialist Health Association blog.

3) A longer piece on these themes – essentially exploring the hypothesis that degrowth/post-growth is now at last beginning to enter the mainstream of left political discourse and what that might mean for thinkers and activists.
Is the UK Labour party facing up to a post-growth future?

4) My paper for the Malmö International Degrowth conference, August 2018.  Here I identified an eclipsed degrowth-like tradition in the British labour and socialist movement, contrasting it with the dominant, productivist (i.e. growthist) orthodoxy and made connections between that, the modern degrowth movement and the ferment of ideas as neoliberalism loses its grip on Labour.  SlidesText.

5) Further articles drawing on these sources should appear in other publications soon.

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