Labour’s legislative programme – is it enough?

Perhaps it’s a little early to analyse Labour’s legislative programme, but it is important that we know something of the extent, and lack, of the party’s ambition.

The ten proposed bills were announced in a Guardian article by Ed Miliband yesterday (I actually took them from Angela Rayner’s website. where I first saw the list.  She’s standing in Ashton, and having shared a platform with her,  I’m sure will make a good MP).

I’ve added my commentary.  In summary, there are some good ideas here, but they don’t quite add up to the radical transformative programme that is needed.  In some areas they are timid, and there are silences, such as the need for affordable, and not for profit, housing.  On taxation there is nothing like the progressive taxes on income and wealth that are needed to reverse the inequality that has increased under both Tories and Labour.  Potential sources of government income are also missed.  And there is the absurd commitment to “getting the deficit down” when the government will need to rely on deficit financing.

Proposals on energy and housing fail to consider the environmental impacts, and there is no word on innovative proposals such as “Green QE” and “a million climate jobs” through housing insulation retrofit and similar schemes.

You can read the more detailed, but still short commentary here.

Here is a preview:

click to go to the full pdf

click on image to go to the full pdf



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