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DevoManc, DevoMancHealth and the perils of techno-fixes.

Now syndicated on the Socialist Health Association blog         This week’s big news in Manchester is that the devolution of direct responsibility for significant areas public spending to the city-region will now be augmented by the devolution … Continue reading

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On compromise

Years ago it occurred to me that some compromises can take you to new places while others confirm the status-quo.  This table comes from a book now out of print on a relatively specialist topic (1).  But maybe it is … Continue reading

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A new approach for our cities?

Originally posted on Steady State Manchester:
I attended a two hour seminar on Future Climate organised by the North West Climate Change Partnership It was a rather depressing affair since it seems quite clear that we are rushing headlong towards…

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What do we already know about Integrating Health and Social Care?

The Socialist Health Association has just published this piece on their blog.  It is a response to recent discussions on the integration of health and social care based on my long term experience of developing and managing such integration. Read … Continue reading

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