I’ve been otherwise engaged.

Some recent posts elsewhere.

First the initiative I began among community psychologists on the assault on the people of Gaza:

Statement of support and solidarity with the people of Gaza 19 July, 2014


The next 5 together form a critique of the dominant economic strategies of Manchester / Greater Manchester (yes even the name of the City Region enshrines ‘civic boosterism’).

Supermarkets, levies and the social franchise 29 July, 2014


Can we end aviation dependency, and meanwhile how to spend the profits? 16 July, 2014


Manchester’s new housing deal: more questions than answers. 27 June, 2014


Why is Manchester falling behind on its carbon reduction targets? 11 June, 2014


Where will the money come from? Endogenous economic development for the viable economy. 12 May, 2014


And here are some more general ones, also from Steady State Manchester:

Germany: a case study in the post-growth economy? 10 July, 2014


Paradigms and economics 18 June, 2014


And an invited book review for MCM:

Book Review: “Green Capitalism: Why it can’t work” 19 July, 2014


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