The disappointing Left

Today I received an election address from the No to EU party, a left trade union inspired initiative that aims to be an alternative to the neoliberal consensus that is now weaker in Labour, but sadly still there.

Here is their platform (well actually the leaflet has 2 versions):

NotoEU platform

And yes  I agree with all this, but there is absolutely nothing on the ecological crisis that faces us, and this in a month when the IPCC has launched its wake-up call.  As such it recalls the worst of what the Welsh socialist scholar Raymond Williams in Socialism and Ecology called the productivist model of the left.  It is for that reason that the Green Party’s platform is far more adequate.  I shall be voting tactically – supporting the leading Green candidate and also those Labour candidates that I respect.  So sorry, No2EU I shan’t be supporting your initiative that splits the left vote and which fails to recognise the key challenge of the world we are in.

For more on what the IPCC means for our local economy see  and this from the local Greens

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