Re-framing the mess we’re in: ideology-action-structure complexes and coloniality.

Here is a slightly updated version of this paper. I wrote it a year ago and little has changed to alter my analysis. Click to read the pdf of the working paper.

I used some ofthe ideas in this piece in The Psychologist. Or go straight to the pdf – or listen to the text.



Re-framing the mess we’re in:  ideology-action-structures and coloniality.

This is a working paper in which I explore some ideas I’ve been working with.  It takes a long and comprehensive view of where we are, how we got here, and what might help get out of here.  It uses a concept of ideology-action-structure complexes which so far as I know is my own, identifying some of the dominant ones.  It also draws on radical post-colonial or rather de-colonial thought from Latin America but also exploring how coloniality is important for understanding the context in the core countries of the world system.
Read the paper

Erratum:  one reference has disappeared from the web address I cited – here is an alternative location.  It’s recommended, a very interesting article that spells out a lot of the thinking that I draw upon.  Grosfoguel, R. (2008, July 4). Transmodernity, border thinking, and global coloniality:…

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