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The news media and risings against elected governments.

updated 23/02/14 with more links to detailed coverage;  and 24/02/14 extra links at the end. The dominant news media in the UK are very selective in what they report. Latin American visitors often remark that their region hardly seems to … Continue reading

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A vegetarian horror story

This won’t mean anything to carnivores, and vegetarians shouldn’t read it.  So read on! I’m not a very good vegetarian.  I don’t like meat, and I’m also an eco-activist of sorts – both good enough reasons to not eat meat … Continue reading

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Re-framing the mess we’re in: ideology-action-structure complexes and coloniality.

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Re-framing the mess we’re in:  ideology-action-structures and coloniality. This is a working paper in which I explore some ideas I’ve been working with.  It takes a long and comprehensive view of where we are, how we…

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The risks of the NHS ‘reforms’ – 2 labourist analyses and a comment

Originally posted on Defending Health and Social Care: Rediscovering the Socialist Alternative:
From the SHA: The risks of the coup regime’s NHS ‘reform’: Risk 1: Privatisation of commissioning and privatisation of services Risk 2: Ministers assuming power without responsibility Risk…

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