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The malign turn: organisational manners under austerity.

I’ve been meaning to write something on this for some months. The observation I wanted to share is about practices in organisations under the current austerity regime. Observations supporting it come from a variety of organisations, mostly public sector, or … Continue reading

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Fracking near home

Sunday and I joined the rally against iGas’s exploratory drilling for shale gas and coal bed methane at Barton Moss near Eccles, just across the Ship Canal from here. It was a good turnout – my estimate is around 400 … Continue reading

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It’s the climate, stupid. Preventing the coming catastrophe.

So of course this is the no 1 story that dominates all political discourse, no? Planet likely to warm by 4C by 2100, scientists warn (the Guardian) “New climate model taking greater account of cloud changes indicates heating will … Continue reading

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