New Left Review – Yonatan Mendel: New Jerusalem

New Left Review – Yonatan Mendel: New Jerusalem.

Good timing NLR! The above article gives some useful background to the observations on Jerusalem/Al Quds in my post on Palestine below.  It ends by noting the increasingly prevalent view that the so called 2-State solution is not viable.  There seems little doubt about this, but there will be many barriers on the way to a one state solution where Palestinians, Jews and others have, and enjoy, shared sovereignty and equal rights.

Scene of ethnic cleansing, the Western Wall Plaza

Scene of ethnic clearance, the Western Wall Plaza. “Jerusalem’s new mayor, Teddy Kollek, toured the Old City with Ben-Gurion. Both agreed the 800-year-old Mughrabi neighbourhood should be demolished, to create a ceremonial national plaza in front of the Wailing Wall. Hundreds of Muslim inhabitants were ordered out and their houses were destroyed. The Western Wall Plaza became a reality almost overnight, and the Israeli flag planted on the site where the houses had stood symbolized the triangle between state, religion and collective forgetfulness in post-1967 Israel.”(Mendel) Most of the residents moved to the Shu’afat refugee camp, now enclosed by the ‘apartheid’ separation wall.

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