Jokes and the unconscious

More light relief from the usual heavy issues of social, economic and ecological crisis.   Have you ever made a joke while asleep?  Well I’ve woken up singing (sort of operatically!) and shouting.  I’ve spoken Spanish (when using the language a lot) but never before can  I remember having joked.  Well last night’s joke seems to have survived the transition to consciousness.  Well at least Carolyn laughed when I recounted it.

We were in the people carrier (who knows why – but that’s dreams for you) of the President of the BPS, an old friend and colleague, Peter Banister.  We arrived at his new house which turned out to be a bungalow.
Quick as a flash I said, “No bannisters here then?”

Sorry Dr Freud, I know you had something else in mind with a similar title, but it casts some interesting light on the workings of the body (let’s say to avoid mentalist dualism) that such performance is possible while asleep.  Performance? Well OK maybe I won’t go on the stage just yet.



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