The first day of spring?

A beautiful day, almost like Spring.  I hitched a lift to Tatton and cycled back – first ‘rural ride’ of the year (now there”s an idea – re-doing Cobbett by bike).  From there via Rostherne to Dunham and from there via canal and trans-Pennine Trail back to Chorlton.  The birch trees look so beautiful in the winter sunlight – parts reminded me of riding through the Copenhagen suburbs.  A great deal of flood water and in places I had to ride through it, on unsurfaced sections, wondering what hidden holes were below the water, but I didn’t come off.  One puncture in the woods, quickly fixed and it made for a break.  I’m glad I took the touring bike (my retirement present to myself) rather than the lightweight folder given the terrain.  The route is a good, if rather slow, traffic free route from home to the countryside.  I videoed much of it (camera on the handlebars – my Christmas present) so will be able to post a very boring film here once I’ve got it back from the chemist.  Lots of ‘signs of Spring’: catkins, snowdrops and crocuses, and the annual miracle of the swelling buds.


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