Horse Flesh

I used to have an imaginary dog, called Horse Flesh.  I was about 40 when we got him.  Cheap to look after and no mess, and he was just the dog you wanted him to be.  Not that I like dogs – little short of vermin actually.  Think of the ecological impact – all that meat, all that grain used to feed it, and all that agricultural land tied up.  All those lorries carting the stuff around.  Not to mention the hairs everywhere, their slobber and unpleasant smell and the shit on the pavements.    Horrid.   His  (or her, as you prefer)  name reflected what I supposed he ate.  As a mostly vegetarian I’ve never really understood the horror people have in this country of eating the horse.  So it’s good to see that so much is being consumed by you meat eaters after all.  It will certainly reduce the ecological impact of all that cattle rearing.  It seems a lot comes from France, where they understand food, I’m told.  Good.



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